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A touch of spring 2012 at Woodleigh Nursery

Welcome to our first ‘news’ post since the launch of our website earlier in the year. This post will be followed by regular informal updates of the ‘goings on’ at Woodleigh Nursery, of Hydrangeas, and the other lines of plants we are in the process of developing or simply interested in.

It has been a busy year; building nursery infrastructure, moving existing stock to our new nursery, propagating and managing stock, planting and mulching stock beds, establishing and upgrading admin systems and databases, implementing marketing information such as catalogues, advertisements and this website, and of course working with you, our customers, to the best of our ability.

While we are already quite familiar with them, we have become immersed in the whole world of Hydrangeas and are thrilled with where we are today! And so it is good to feel the onset of what is our second spring as Woodleigh Nursery; the positivity of the new season with promises for a good year ahead. The sales stock and stock plants are initiating new growth, and their fat buds will soon flourish into lush foliage, to be followed later by their terrific floral display. The nursery when in bloom is a real picture.

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