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A dry summer

Another 10 days of beautiful fine weather ahead at least. What a summer we have had in Taranaki, the capsicums have been fantastic, we are loving the corn and we haven’t seen a sign of blight on the potatoes – oh how I wish we had planted tomatoes this year, we gave up after the past 3 summers, fighting the birds, blight and wind.

We were very lucky to get 50mm of rain on Sunday morning, though the westerly winds that followed soon dried it up again. Our recent plantings of hydrangeas are handling the dry very well, the majority are growing in full sun as our framework trees have not yet established having been planted at the same time as the hydrangeas. We spread a woodchip mulch around the plants immediately after planting, I highly recommend this. I had a group of ladies here last week and were discussing the dry period and how many plants were suffering. Out of interest I scraped back some of the mulch to see what the soil moisture was like beneath and was pleasantly suprised at how moist it was. Adjacent we have our vegetable garden where we have recently been digging potatoes, here it is powder dry to a spade depth at least. Mulch provides many benefits for both the plants and gardeners, certainly helps to conserve soil moisture, adds organic matter to the soil, and a major benefit for us is the suppression of weeds.

I do hope we all receive some good general rain soon.

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