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Are we staying home Mum?

Yah! It is the school holidays, Lodi (6) our son is home from school. ‘Are we staying home today Mum?’ is a common question asked as he loves spending time on the farm / nursery. Miro our daughter (3) still has two days of kindy through the holidays which gives Lodi and me valuable time together.

Miro Potting

Miro Potting

It has been my mission to finish potting this season’s first batch of GOL’s (growing on lines – last years rooted cuttings) before the school holidays. Time enough after the holidays to catch with potting season in the nursery. Miro is a very able helper, she enjoys filling the planter bags with potting mix for me, and pots the odd plant albeit a little slower. We achieved our goal and the plants are making new growth already.

So what have we been up to for the holidays so far? A picnic in our bush down on the river boundary having boat races with montbretia leaves; Lodi and I spent a morning in town together – swimming and a visit to the Govett Brewster Art Gallery where we watched a movie of ‘Opo the Dolphin’ from the NZ Film Archives. Lodi is a real nature boy; he loves birds and animals and really enjoyed this film. He is very keen on chickens and ducks and is in the process of starting his own duck enterprise. He has a pair of Peking ducks and an Indian Runner who are laying eggs. There was great excitement on Tuesday morning as he put his first 11 duck eggs into the incubator – 28 days is a long time for young children.

We have just added two new plants to the catalogue – Hydrangea angustipetala and H. angustipetala (yellow). Both are wild species from China, with lacecap flowers. The outer bracts are cream coloured, with the later species having distinctive yellow true flowers a colour which is highly unusual in hydrangeas.

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