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We have been having quite a spring clean here at Woodleigh with our buckets, brooms and gloves.   Weeding, pruning, controlling liverwort with baking soda (yes it works) and shifting plants around.

This is when we discovered our little friends hiding amongst the plant pots.  Frogs! Big ones, little ones, green and brown ones, we had to be quite careful not to stand on them.  They weren’t that happy with us moving their homes around so we shifted a few to the old cow trough (now fish pond).

frog at Woodleigh Nursery

Frog at Woodleigh Nursery

We use very few chemicals in our nursery (hence the use of baking soda as we look for alternatives). Frogs are very sensitive to chemicals so it has been exciting and rewarding to see so many; it indicates to us that we run a fairly environmentally friendly nursery.  Each year we see a few, this year we have certainly seen the most.

Spring is definitely here now.

Our Rosa Roseraie de L’Hay is in flower with its scent wafting around the nursery.  This is one of the best rugosa roses, with large, double, wine-purple flowers and a strong perfume.  It repeat flowers well.

The Leucothoe fontanesiana is smothered with masses of cascading white Pieris like flowers at the moment. This plant comes from southeastern USA.  It is a very easy care plant, providing a beautiful floral display through spring and summer.

Purple anise, Illicium floridanum is another flowering shrub from the southeastern USA.    The starry red wine coloured flowers have a heady port-like fragrance. Another easy care shrub with tough waxy leaves.

The macrophylla hydrangeas are bursting into lush growth now with many starting to show flower buds.  The new season is upon us.

October 2014

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