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Living at Woodleigh Nursery

Here at Woodleigh Nursery we live, work and play on a few acres of land; 5km from the coast and 12 km from central New Plymouth. The land is well suited to horticulture with a good balance of flat loamy volcanic soils, a few easy sidlings, some bush and a nice sized stony stream on the back boundary. Our main limitation would be wind, and we can assure you that Taranaki is a somewhat breezy place. And that has been a key task for us over the winter months around selling plants – managing shelter plantings.

In three years we have established a network of shelter belts and other plantings to provide shelter function, coupled with other values such as an arboretum or collection of trees and shrubs, habitat for indigenous birds etc, amenity, stock fodder and fuel wood. Part of the weekend just past was spent crown lifting and dead-wooding an old existing belt of pohutukawa in order to optimise under-plantings of native shrubs and to generate mulch for our stock beds and open ground beds of Hydrangea paniculata. A future post will be dedicated to brushwood mulch, an important resource in any garden, landscape or park.

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