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So what are some of Woodleigh’s ‘many other plants’?

Begonia luxurians

Begonia luxurians

Over the last weeks I have been adding new plants to our website. A few more hydrangeas and lots more ‘other’ exciting plants. Our range is definitely increasing as we discover more treasures. A big thank you to those customers who have provided suggestions regarding plants that they would like us to grow. And thanks to those who have provided us with propagation material.

Many of these new plants on our website are currently flowering in our garden, just as our hydrangeas are finishing for the season (though some of these are still producing new flowers).

Dombeya ‘Pink Cloud’, or Cape Wedding Flower as it is commonly called, is a large shrub from South Africa. It is covered in masses of soft pink flowers. It flowers consistently from autumn through until spring.

Justicia aurea, or Golden Plume is in full display in the shade house. The golden yellow flowers look fabulous, brightening up that shady dell.

Another great plant for brightening these early winter days is Leonotis leonurus ‘Lion King’. This is an evergreen shrub from South Africa and likes a sunny spot.

You may not see the flowers of Osmanthus x fortunei as you wander past, but you will certainly smell them. The small white flowers release a powerful gardenia-like scent that can be smelt 100m away.

And I still have more plants to add to the website such as the Marmalade plant, Streptosolen jamesonii, and Begonia luxurians. I hope to get these added soon.

Dombeya 'pink cloud'

Dombeya ‘pink cloud’

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